SR E1/R class

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Southern Railway Class E1/R
Power type Steam
Configuration 0-6-2T
Driver diameter 4 ft 6 in
Length 32 ft 4½ in
Locomotive weight 50 tons 5 cwt
Water capacity 900 gallons
Boiler pressure 170 lb/in²
Cylinders 2
Cylinder size 17 in x 24 in
Tractive effort 18,560 lbs
Railroad(s) Southern Railway
Class 2F
Locale Great Britain
First run May 1927

The Southern Railway E1/R is a class of 0-6-2T (0-6-2) tank steam locomotive designed for light passenger and freight duties. They were rebuilt from earlier LBSCR E1 class locomotives initially to be used on the North Devon and Cornwall Junction line.

Some balancing issues were addressed by Bulleid for main line workings while other locomotives that weren't balanced ended up restricted to local and shunting/banking duties.

Their withdrawal commenced in 1955 and they were finally all replaced by Ivatt tanks by 1959.


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