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Mission type Earth imaging
Operator FACh
COSPAR ID 2011-076E
SATCAT № 38011
Spacecraft properties
Bus Myriade
Manufacturer Astrium
Launch mass 117 kilograms (258 lb)
Start of mission
Launch date 17 December 2011, 02:03:48 (2011-12-17UTC02:03:48Z) UTC[1]
Rocket Soyuz-STA/Fregat
Launch site Kourou ELS
Contractor Arianespace
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime Low Earth
Perigee 628 kilometres (390 mi)
Apogee 631 kilometres (392 mi)
Inclination 97.89 degrees
Period 97.16 minutes
Epoch 6 July 2014, 04:17:21 UTC[2]

Sistema Satelital para Observación de la Tierra (SSOT), also known as FASat-Charlie, is a Chilean earth observation satellite launched on 16 December 2011 from Guiana Space Centre on board a Soyuz ST rocket.[3]

SSOT is a Miniaturized satellite built on the Myriade satellite bus by EADS Astrium. It was part of a six-satellite payload along with Pléiades-HR 1, ELISA 1, ELISA 2, ELISA 3 and ELISA 4.

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