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This article is about the RMSP's 1853 paddle steamer Atrato. For the RMSP's 1888 screw steamer, see RMS Atrato.
S.S. Atrato.jpg
"SS Atrato of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company",
painted by William Frederick Mitchell
Name: SS Atrato
Namesake: Atrato in Colombia

Royal Mail Lines House Flag.svg RMSP Co (1853–70);

John Morrison & Co (1870–)
Operator: Royal Mail Lines House Flag.svg RMSP Co (1853–70)
Route: SouthamptonBuenos Aires (1853–70)
Builder: Caird & Company, Greenock
Launched: 1853
General characteristics
Tonnage: 3,184 tons

steam engine & paddles 1853–70;

compound engines & screw from 1870
Sail plan: square rigged foremast; schooner rigged main and mizzen masts (1853)

SS Atrato was a 3,184-ton iron-hulled side-wheel paddle steamship built in 1853. She has been listed as being the World's largest passenger ship from 1853 to 1858.[1][2]

Caird & Company of Greenock on the Firth of Clyde built Atrato for the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company (RMSP), which ran her between Southampton and Buenos Aires for 17 years. In 1870 RMSP sold her to John Morrison & Co of London, who converted her into a single-screw vessel with compound engines fed by three double-ended boilers.[citation needed] She was still in service in 1888.[1]


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