SS Monte Carlo

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SS Monte Carlo
SS Monte Carlo Shipwreck 2010-01-30.jpg
SS Monte Carlo wreck visible at low tide near Coronado Shores 30 January 2010
Name: SS McKittrick (1921–1936)
Monte Carlo (1936–1937)
Launched: 1921
Fate: Wrecked 1937
General characteristics
Type: Oil tanker
SS Monte Carlo wreck 30 January 30 2010

The SS Monte Carlo was an oil tanker launched in 1921 as the SS McKittrick but later became a gambling and prostitution ship in 1936 off the coast of Coronado, California.


Monte Carlo was anchored 3 miles (4.8 km) off Coronado Beach in San Diego where it was in international waters, outside the boundary of state and federal law. During a storm on New Year's Day in 1937 the anchor lost its hold and the ship drifted onto the beach in front of what is now the El Camino Tower of the Coronado Shores condos. No one claimed ownership because, once on shore, this gambling and prostitution ship was illegal.

What is left of the wreck is still there today, but usually a few feet underwater. It can be seen at low tide, and is also exposed from time to time during strong storm tides. There has been speculation[by whom?] since the grounding that there may be $150,000 worth of silver dollar coins still in the slot machines.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 32°40′26″N 117°10′23″W / 32.674°N 117.173°W / 32.674; -117.173