SS Nieuw Amsterdam (1905)

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SS Nieuw Amsterdam was a ship built at Belfast by Harland and Wolff. It was launched in 1905 and on April 7, 1907 made its first voyage to New York from Rotterdam.[1]

The Nieuw Amsterdam was fitted with sails, but they were never deployed; it was the first quadruple expansion powered ship of the Holland America Line. In 1914 the ship brought almost 1,700 United States citizens back to the states from Europe at the outbreak of World War I. It was not used again until 1917 when it took 2,300 Dutch seamen from the United States back to Holland. The ship was renovated in 1918 and overhauled in 1925 to a "cabin/tourist configuration". The last transatlantic passenger trip was made from Rotterdam on October 2, 1931 for New York. It arrived in Japan in February 1932 where it was scrapped.[1]


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