SS Waroonga (1882)

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A. & J. Inglis No 172 Waroonga (1882).jpg
The SS Waroonga was a 96 m long passenger cargo vessel propelled by propeller
Career (Australia) Australia
Builder: A. & J. Inglis Pointhouse Glasgow, Scotland [1]  Scotland
Yard number: 172
Launched: 25 December 1882
Maiden voyage: 26 March 1883
Homeport: Sydney
General characteristics
Displacement: 2506 GRT
Length: 96.25 m (316 ft)
Propulsion: Steam & Propeller

The SS Waroonga was a 96.25 metres long passenger cargo vessel built at A & J Inglis with 2506 GRT launched on 25 December 1882. She was owned by Gray, Dawes & Co., Glasgow, and her maiden voyage was from London to Brisbane via Suez and Batavia on 26 March 1883. She had a compound steam engine with 2 inverted cylinders of 1016 and 1854 mm diameter respectively; stroke 1295 mm and provided 300 horsepower. It was renamed to Bansei Baru in 1913 and broken up in Japan in early 1926.[2]


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