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Name: SS Wexford
Operator: R.M. Hudson & Son (1883-1898)
N. Dubuisson (1898-1903)
Western Steamship Company (1903-1913)
Builder: Doxford, Williams & Sons, Ltd., Sunderland
Yard number: 00145
Completed: 1883
Fate: foundered on November 9, 1913
General characteristics
Tonnage: 2,077 (gross)
1,354 (net)
Length: 250 ft (76 m)
Beam: 40 ft (12 m)
Draught: 17 ft (5.2 m)
Crew: 17 - 24

The SS Wexford was a steel hulled, propeller driven bulk lake freighter built by Doxford, Williams & Sons, Ltd. at Sunderland, Great Britain in 1883. The official number for the Wexford was 87342 with the hull number 00145. The ship was lost on Lake Huron with all hands on November 9, 1913 during the Great Lakes storm of 1913. Sources cite conflicting numbers for crew lost with 17 to 24 crew being listed.[citation needed] Her cargo at the time of loss was 96,000 bushels of wheat.[1] The wreck was discovered August 25, 2000 sitting intact and upright in 75 feet of water on the lake bottom. A Copper Wreath was placed on the Wreck to honor the crew of the 100th Anniversary of The Great Storm of 1913


The Wexford was owned by a number of parties during her service life. The Wexford was renamed the SS Elise from 1898-1903. She was renamed the Wexford in 1903.


  • Frank Bruce Cameron, Captain
  • Archie Brooks, James McCutcheon, Mates
  • Allan Dodson, John Deploy, Watchmen
  • Orrin Gordon, Wheelsman
  • Jim Scott, First Engineer
  • Richard Victor Lougheed, Second Engineer
  • George Wilmott, Cook
  • Grace Wilmott, Stewardess
  • Murdock MacDonald, Passenger
  • Donald McDonald, Crew
  • Jim Glen, Craneman
  • Gordon Allan, Crew
  • Walter Berwin, Crew
  • Scott Brown, Crew
  • Solliere Caesar, Crew
  • James Flynn, Crew
  • Jim MacDonald, Crew
  • Charles Peters, Crew
  • Thomas Spiers, Crew
  • Jim Maxwell, Crew
  • George Peere, Crew
  • Ferguson, Second Mate
  • Rogers, Second Officer

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Coordinates: 43°30′N 82°00′W / 43.5°N 82°W / 43.5; -82