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STC Group is the common abbreviation for the Shipping and Transport College Group an international maritime transport and logistics education provider, which also offers consultancy and applied research in the field of shipping, ports, transport, logistics and port-related oil and chemical activities. The group has a number of schools and training centers worldwide and offers both masters/bachelors and vocational diplomas. The group's headquarters is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Shipping & Transport College Rotterdam[edit]

The founding school (STC) is a grand merger in 1990 of all Dutch maritime colleges and is named the Shipping and Transport College. It is the only vocational college for shipping and logistics in the country endorsed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. This main facility located in Rotterdam caters to all levels of vocational education, professional education, bachelor and master education and training for the shipping, transport, logistics industries en port industrial complex like refineries and process industry. The college is known for its Simulator Park, which is unique and the largest in the world. STC teachers, trainers and lecturers always have in depth practical, experiential knowledge and are selected from the shipping and transport industry itself.[1] Its chairman at Board level has been in function from the start of the STC in 1990.

STC NMU[edit]

The Netherlands Maritime University Rotterdam (STC-NMU) is a specialised educational institute founded by the STC-Group to offer a specialised 60 week Master Shipping and Transport program that trains students for management positions in the shipping and transport industry.

STC Building Rotterdam


Since the mergers in 1990 the STC Group opened many new buildings including a new building in the Lloyd District, a historical and contemporary port area in the center of Rotterdam. This building has all the simulators and training materials required for secondary and higher shipping and transport education. The building is a Rotterdam architectural landmark and was opened by the His Majesty the King of Orange of the Netherlands.


Practical facilities include modern labs, workshops, offshore centre, training vessels, training centres, training factories and process simulators. For over 3 decades, “De Loopplank”, a division of the STC-Group, has provided supervised accommodation for various participants from the STC-Group. At the Lloydstraat and Waalhaven campuses, there are sports facilities and fitness centres.

Training ships[edit]

Name flag
Prinses Beatrix  Netherlands
Prinses Cristina  Netherlands
Wim Hulsker ll  Netherlands

International schools[edit]

The STC group has several schools and facilities in Vietnam (STC-VIETNAM), Korea (STC-Korea), Brazil (STC-Brazil) and Oman (IMCO-Oman).[2]


The STC group is also running a vast array of projects in the Bahamas, Benin, Cameroon, China, Egypt, Ethiopia,Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Tonga and Vietnam.[2]


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