STS Love

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STS Love
Owned by STS-Media
Country Russia
Language English

"'"STS Love""' - youth channel. The main content of the TV - series ("Ranetki", "kadetstvo", "Daddy's girls", "Closed school", "Junior"), reality shows, relevant to this audience of the program. It is planned shooting of the TV series, which first will be shown on this channel.

According to Roscomnadzor, "STS Love" was registered as mass media on December 11, 2013, and the broadcasting license of the TV station has received 17 January 2014. TV channel began test broadcasting on 15 February 2014.

According to the Director General of the TV channel STS Vyacheslav Murugov, the project will combine the audience, which split off from the STS.

"the mission of the holding is the maximum coverage of all target audiences. And if it is impossible one channel Spud two audiences, do not be afraid. The STS and the STS Love will bring together more audience",

—- considers Murugov

President, ProfMedia TV" Nicholas Kartozia believes that Sarkisova has all the chances to make new project successful.

"He's already worked with this audience on "2x2 and MTV and quite talented",

—said Kartozia.

In his opinion, niche plans to enter the STS Love, is a promising and sponsiruemaya. For her new channel will Pobeda with the TV channel "Yu positioning itself as a channel only for girls. The main struggle will unfold for advertisers. According to Kartozia, the channel will be interesting Playground brands of clothes, cosmetics and perfumery.