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OS family Unix System V
Working state Current
Latest release R21.1 [1] / March 2014; 4 months ago (2014-03)
Marketing target Supercomputing
Supported platforms SX architecture
License Proprietary

SUPER-UX, sometimes also annotated SuperUx or Super-UX, is the version of the Unix operating system that is used on NEC SX architecture supercomputers. It is a port of System V Release 4.2MP (SVR4.2MP), but includes many features adopted from BSD and Linux, along with some additional proprietary features specific to a supercomputing environment.

SUPER-UX supports the Supercomputer File System (SFS).

The Earth Simulator used ES OS, an operating system based on SUPER-UX.

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Outline of the SUPER-UX Operating System for the SX-9.