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SUSUtv 2010 logo.jpg
make tv. be on tv. SUSUtv.
Media Type: Television
Launched: 2007
Member of: NaSTA
University: University of Southampton
Other University Media: Surge Radio
Wessex Scene
The Edge

SUSUtv, a contraction of Southampton University Students' Union Television, is a student television station that serves the student population of the University of Southampton. The station was formed in 2007 and is a part of the University of Southampton Students' Union (SUSU) in their SUSU Media department. The station was the first student television station to broadcast in HD for their 2010 sabbatical elections special.[1]

Main programmes include their elections programmes, the Current news programme, The Culture Show, Performing Arts Update and various other special event programmes. The station shows their videos through their website and on YouTube, using YouTube's video player and a, Inqb8r flash player.


The origins of SUSUtv began when the idea was originally submitted in 2001 but was rejected at the time.[2] The idea resurfaced in 2006 when the union began to start producing video for their website.[2] As a result, SUSUtv was formed in 2007 so that students could make these ever more ambitious videos.[2] The following year the station joined the NaSTA.[2] In 2010 the station adopted its current logo and bright green colour scheme, moved to its present studio in the bottom of the Students' Union building and began broadcasting HD content for the first time through new equipment.[1][2]


The station is run by a committee of members, headed by the station manager. They are also overseen by the Students' Union's Vice President for Democracy and Creative Industries, currently Megan Downing.


Over the years, SUSUtv has won several awards at a National Level at the NaSTA Awards. In 2012, they won the following awards:[3]

  • Best Animation with Bedtime Kevin!
  • Best Station Marketing with Marketing

and came highly commended in the following awards:

  • Best Technical


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