SWIFTNet InterAct Realtime

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SWIFTNet InterAct Realtime is a protocol designed and supported by SWIFT. The protocol is used to exchange financial messages between organizations connected to services on the SWIFTNet network.[1]


SWIFTNet InterAct Realtime is a client–server protocol. The sender of the message is the client. The receiver of the message is the server:

  1. client: sends a request to the receiver. The request contains the message payload to be sent.
  2. server: receives the request.
  3. server: processes the message payload and determines the response.
  4. server: sends the response.
  5. client: receives the response.

Both the client and the server have to be connected to the network simultaneously in order to exchange messages successfully.


SWIFTNet InterAct Realtime is best suited to mission- and time-critical applications.

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