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Single by Cream
from the album Disraeli Gears
A-side "Sunshine of Your Love"
Released December 1967;[1] September 1968 (British Release)[2]
Recorded May 1967 at Atlantic Studios, New York City[3]
Genre Psychedelic rock, hard rock
Length 2:34
Label Reaction (UK)
Atco (US)
Polydor (EUR)
Writer(s) Pete Brown, Jack Bruce
Producer(s) Felix Pappalardi
Music sample

"SWLABR" is a song by British rock band Cream from their 1967 album Disraeli Gears and later released as the B-side to the single "Sunshine of Your Love". The lyrics were written by Pete Brown,[4] and the music was composed by Jack Bruce.

Song title and lyrical meaning[edit]

The song's title is an initialism for "She Walks Like A Bearded Rainbow",[4] although Jack Bruce once acknowledged that SWLABR stood for "She WAS Like A Bearded Rainbow", instead of "WALKS", in an interview with disc jockey Steven Seaweed at San Francisco radio station KRQR in the mid 1990s. This alternative title was also referenced by Pete Brown in a 2006 interview,[5]

The song's lyrics talk of a woman who constantly comes and goes out of a relationship with the narrator ("Coming to me in the morning, leaving me at night"); it suggests that although she may appear to be perfect, she is flawed ("You've got that pure feel, such good responses, you've got that rainbow feel, but the rainbow has a beard").[citation needed]

1967 ATCO U.S. 45 single, 45-6544.

Compilation appearances[edit]

SWLABR was released on the following compilation albums by Cream:

A live version of "SWLABR" was released on BBC Sessions and the Deluxe Edition of Disraeli Gears. A four minute outtake also appeared on the Disraeli Gears Deluxe Edition.



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