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Vesicle-associated membrane protein 7
Protein SYBL1 PDB 2dmw.png
PDB rendering based on 2dmw.
Available structures
PDB Ortholog search: PDBe, RCSB
External IDs OMIM300053 MGI1096399 HomoloGene4121 GeneCards: VAMP7 Gene
RNA expression pattern
PBB GE SYBL1 202829 s at tn.png
More reference expression data
Species Human Mouse
Entrez 6845 20955
Ensembl ENSG00000124333 ENSMUSG00000051412
UniProt P51809 P70280
RefSeq (mRNA) NM_001145149 NM_011515
RefSeq (protein) NP_001138621 NP_035645
Location (UCSC) Chr X:
155.11 – 155.17 Mb
Chr GL456233.1:
0.01 – 0.04 Mb
PubMed search [1] [2]

Vesicle-associated membrane protein 7 (VAMP-7) is a protein that in humans is encoded by the VAMP7 gene.[1][2][3]


VAMP-7 is a transmembrane protein that is a member of the soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein receptor (SNARE) family. VAMP-7 localizes to late endosomes and lysosomes and is involved in the fusion of transport vesicles to their target membranes.[3]


SYBL1 has been shown to interact with SNAP23[4][5] and AP3D1.[4]


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