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Syn may refer to:

  • Syn (goddess), in Norse mythology
  • Syn addition, in organic chemistry
  • Syn, in Archery, hitting the target but missing the gold
  • Syn, in Slimming World, particular foodstuff that requires careful consumption
  • The Syn, a band formerly including bassist Chris Squire of Yes
  • Sýn, an Icelandic TV station
  • Doctor Syn, a character in novels by Russell Thorndike
  • Grand Admiral Peccati Syn character in the Star Wars expanded universe
  • Synonym (taxonomy), a system of accepted alternative names for species
  • Synyster Gates, the lead guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold
  • Synergy, Co-operation between two organisations, or items, that achieve more than both would have achieved if they had worked separately, also in Slimming World, food optimising the achievement of weight reduction by using two different food types

SYN may refer to: