SYR7: J'Accuse Ted Hughes

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SYR7: J'Accuse Ted Hughes
EP by Sonic Youth
Released April 22, 2008
Recorded April 8, 2000 and 2003
Genre Alternative rock
Length 41:08
Label SYR
Producer Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth chronology
The Destroyed Room: B-Sides and Rarities
SYR7: J'Accuse Ted Hughes
Hits Are for Squares
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
The A.V. Club B-[1]
Blurt 6/10 stars[2]
MOG (7.5/10)[3]
Mark Prindle 3/10 stars[4]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide 2/5 stars[5]

SYR7: J'Accuse Ted Hughes is the seventh release in American group Sonic Youth's SYR series. It was released only on vinyl—the first in the series to receive no compact disc release—and features two songs: "J'Accuse Ted Hughes", and "Agnès B. Musique".

SYR7 follows the SYR series tradition of liner notes in foreign languages. The one used on the artwork is Arpitan, a French regional language.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "J'Accuse Ted Hughes"   22:53
2. "Agnès B Musique"   18:15


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