S (South Korean band)

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Also known as Group S, Supreme
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres K-pop, R&B
Years active 2003
Labels SM Entertainment
Associated acts SMTown, H.O.T., Shinhwa
Website Official Site
Members Kangta
Lee Ji Hoon
Shin Hye Sung

S (에스) was a South Korean project group consisting of three members: Kangta, Lee Ji Hoon and Shin Hye Sung. The group was active only in 2003, under the SM Entertainment label.


Before debuting together as group 'S', all three members were successful artists. Their first album was Fr.In.Cl, which stands for Friends in Classic. All about the same age, they are close friends and have a steadily growing fan base in Japan.

Member histories[edit]


Kangta was a member of teenage idol group H.O.T.. Kangta was a main vocalist for H.O.T. until the group disbanded in 2001. He accepted a lucrative offer from SM Entertainment and continued his musical career, releasing solo albums which consisted of mainly ballads but also occasionally contained dance tracks.

Shin Hye Sung[edit]

Shin Hye Sung made his debut in the Korean music industry in popular boy band SHINHWA in 1998 as the main vocalist. He continues to perform together with SHINHWA for over ten years. He has also achieved the most notable success among all SHINHWA members who have pursued the solo careers, releasing four full-length studio solo albums, two winter EP albums in Korea, one studio album and one compilation album in Japan, one collaboration album, two singles and many OST tracks.

Lee Ji Hoon[edit]

Lee Ji Hoon debuted in 1996 as a solo artist when he was still in high school. His first album was a hit, it placed him at the top of the k-pop charts and so became quite popular. In 2001, he released his 4.5th album in which contained "Inyoung" (Doll), a ballad which he performed as a duet with Shin Hye Sung. "Inyoung" was composed specifically for them by Kangta who played the piano during the song.


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