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S is the nineteenth letter of the English alphabet.

S may also refer to:

Letter S[edit]


  • S, the chemical symbol for the element Sulfur on the periodic table
  • S, the symbol for entropy
  • s, the SI symbol for second
  • S, the single argument of canonical intransitive verb
  • s, one of the Mandelstam variables, the square of the invariant mass
  • S, a non-SI unit used to designate molecule size named after the Svedberg sedimentation coefficient
  • S, a label that denotes one of two chiral center configurations in the R/S system
  • Serine, a standard amino acid abbreviation
  • ATC code S Sensory organs, a section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System
  • Siemens (unit), the SI derived unit of electric conductance
  • S phase or synthesis phase, a period in the cell cycle during interphase
  • S can refer to Spin (physics)
  • S can refer to sphere



  • S, the name that Jenn Ghetto, formerly of Carissa's Wierd, now performs under
  • S (group), a short-lived South Korean music group, active in 2003
  • S (EP), a 2001 EP by Japanese musical duo NaNa
  • Numbering of Liszt's works according to Searle's catalogue

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