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Ssa2 (Cheap 2)
Studio album by PSY
Released January 1, 2002[citation needed]
Genre K-pop, hip-hop
Language Korean
Label Cream Records
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Ssa2 (Korean: ) is the second album by South Korean singer PSY. The album was released on January 1, 2002. The album contains 16 songs. The album was also released worldwide through iTunes.[1]


All songs written and composed by PSY. 

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Intro" (feat. Masta Wu, Jed, Ray Jay, Yohan) PSY, Masta Wu, Jed, Ray Jay, Yohan 2:18
2. "Report This Expression (신고식)"   PSY 3:29
3. "Dilemma (딜레마)"   PSY 3:27
4. "Hooray (얼씨구)"   PSY 3:03
5. "Yes, I am"   PSY 3:20
6. "If They Become (해지면)"   PSY 3:08
7. "Deep Waters (원해)"   PSY 2:46
8. "In a Sauna Bath (사우나 속으로)" (feat. Masta Wu) PSY, Masta Wu 3:11
9. "1 Back (Talk Box Yu Kun Hyung) (1등)"   PSY 3:13
10. "The New 2 (새2)" (feat. Kim Jun Hyuk) PSY, Kim Jun Hyuk 3:17
11. "Bad Year (나쁜년)"   PSY 3:06
12. "Controversy Over Her (처녀논쟁)" (feat. Ray Jay) PSY, Ray Jay 3:30
13. "Basica 2.0"   PSY 3:53
14. "Living (생)"   PSY 3:30
Total length:


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