Saab 210

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Saab 210
Saab 210-Flygvapenmuseum.jpg
Saab 210 at the Flygvapenmuseum
Role Experimental aircraft
Manufacturer Saab
Designer Erik Bratt
First flight 21 January 1952
Number built 1
Developed into Saab 35 Draken

The Saab 210 Draken (the Dragon or the Kite) was a scaled down testbed for the double-delta concept in the development of the J 35 fighter. Although never officially named anything but Draken by Saab, it soon became known by its unofficial nickname Lilldraken (the Little Dragon or the Little Kite) after the first flight of the prototype of the Saab 35. Its first flight was on 21 January 1952.[1]


During Stockholm's 700 year celebrations on 6 June 1953, the Saab 210 performed at an air show over the centre of the city.[citation needed]

Aircraft on display[edit]

The aircraft is currently on display in the air force museum Flygvapenmuseum in Linköping.


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