Saalbach (river)

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The Saalbach in the town of Bruchsal.
The Saalbach in the town of Bruchsal.
Origin 49°2′4″N 8°42′31″E / 49.03444°N 8.70861°E / 49.03444; 8.70861 (Saalbach source)
Mouth 49°16′17″N 8°27′5″E / 49.27139°N 8.45139°E / 49.27139; 8.45139 (Saalbach mouth)
Progression RhineNorth Sea
Length 50.2 km
Source elevation 165 m
Mouth elevation 95 m
River system Rhine

The Saalbach is a 50 km long right tributary of the Rhine River running through the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The river source is in the Kraichgau region near the city of Bretten, formed by the confluence of the Weißach und Salzach Rivers. It then flows through Gondelsheim to the northwest, then through Bruchsal and Dettenheim. It then turns north through Philippsburg before emptying into the Rhine.