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Saat Pardon Mein is a 2012 Pakistani romantic fantasy drama serial aired on Geo TV every Friday. Serial is written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and directed by Yasir Nawaz, starring Qaiser Khan Nizamani, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Sohai Ali Abro.[1]


Darakhshanday Badar (Sohai Ali Abro) is a young girl who lives in Bahawalpur and belongs to a family of religious descend. Her father is a prominent religious leader and she was raised with Islamic values and norms. Darakhshanday is a big fan of a television actor Ehsan Muraad (Mikaal Zulfiqar) and tries to contact him, she gets hold of his number and calls him to tell him about his fan following Ehsan being a busy man casually thanks her. Ehsan's best friend is a television producer Badar Suleman (Alyy Khan) who suffers from a psychic disorder and wants to change his gender. Ehsan irritated from Darakhshanday's continuous telephone calls asks Badar to talk to her Darakhshanday who doesnot know that its Badar Suleman not Ehsan Muraad who talks to her, falls in love with him and decides to escape as her father fixes her marriage. She reaches Karachi and calls Badar to tell him that she has left her home for him, Badar tells Ehsan the whole story and takes Darakhsanday to his house. While living at Ehsan's house Darakhshanday realizes that Ehsan only wants to use her for pleasure and would never marry her, however Ehsan tries to convince her and spends a night with her the next morning Darakhshanday regrets on her sin and asks Ehsan to marry her which Ehsan doesnot approve off, he suggests a live in relationship instead. Devastated Darakhshanday leaves Ehsan's house and is found by Badar, who later realizes that she is pregnant. Badar introduces Darakhshanday as his wife and gives her baby boy his name. Ehsan realizes his mistake and asks Darakhshanday for forgiveness and proposes her, Darakshanday declines. Badar takes darakshanday to her home town where she is forgiven by her father and her brother Haroon Kaka (Qaisar Khan Nizamani) who tries to kill her first but later forgives her. Badar tells Darakhshanday that he was the man who talked to her on the phone impersonating Ehsan and that he was responsible for everything that has happened to her, Darakhshanday forgives him and they get married.



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