Saat Rang Ke Sapne

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Saat Rang Ke Sapne
Saat Rang Ke Sapne.jpg
Directed by Priyadarshan
Produced by Amitabh Bachchan
Written by Priyadarshan
Starring Juhi Chawla
Arvind Swamy
Music by Nadeem-Shravan
Cinematography Ravi K. Chandran
Edited by A. Sreekar Prasad
Distributed by Eros Entertainment
Release dates
February 20, 1998
Country India
Language Hindi

Saat Rang Ke Sapne is a 1998 Hindi film directed by Priyadarshan. It is a remake of his own Thenmavin Kombath, a blockbuster Malayalam movie starring Mohanlal and Shobana in 1994. The movie stars Juhi Chawla and Arvind Swamy. It was produced by Amitabh Bachchan.


Forced into marriage with a mentally deranged man, Yashoda (Farida Jalal) gives birth to a child, only to have her husband kill himself and the child, leaving her devastated and alone. This leaves her brother, Bhanu (Anupam Kher) angry and bitter at this loss, and swears to avenge this humiliation. His vengeance is satisfied every year when he asks his employee and close friend, Mahipal (Arvind Swamy) to run a bullock-cart race, and defeat his sister's in-laws, and every year Mahipal wins. Bhanu, in his mid forties, has still not married, although he used to actively woo a village belle (Aruna Irani), who still has feelings for him. One day Bhanu and Mahipal give a ride in their bullock-cart to a couple, Baldev (Satish Shah), and his sister Jalima (Juhi Chawla), who are travelling and performing gypsies. During this ride, Bhanu hopelessly falls in love with Jalima, on one hand, and Mahipal wants to ditch the couple midway, as he does not like them. A series of hilarious and comical events highlight this eventful trip.



Song Saat Rang ke Sapne song was a naked imitation of Malayalam Song: Poovenam Pooppada venam. music by Jhonson and Jhoot bol na was copied from malayalam song pathirakkili by S.P.Venkitesh.

# Title Singer(s)
1 "Saat Rang Ke Sapne" M. G. Sreekumar, Alka Yagnik
2 "Aati Hai To Chal" Babul Supriyo, Alka Yagnik
3 "Jhootho Jhoothi" Udit Narayan
4 "Dilon Ka Haal" Babul Supriyo, Priya
5 "Mujh Pe Bhi Jawani" Kavita Krishnamurthy, Kunal
6 "Ba Ba Batao Na" Babul Supriyo, Alka Yagnik
7 "Jhoot Bol Na Sach Baat Bol De" Udit Narayan