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Syed Sabihuddin Sabih Rehmani
سید صبیح الدین صبیح رحمانی
Born June 27, 1965
Nationality Pakistani
Education Masters in Urdu Literature
Alma mater University of Karachi
  • Director, naat research center
  • Editor, NAAT RUNG [(Urdu Magazine on NAAT)]
  • Sr. Manager Planning Research & P.R of [ARY QTV]
  • Managing Director, Sabih Rehmani Travels & Tours
  • NaatKhawan, Poet, Writer, Scholar
  • Visiting Lecturer (Urdu Literature), University of Karachi
Religion Islam
Spouse(s) Shaheen Sabih
Children Sarmed, Aiman, Tabish

Syed Sabihuddin Sabih Rehmani (Urdu: سيد صبيح الدين صبيح رحماني ) is a renowned name in the field of Na’at broadcaster from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. He is not only a leading Na’at khawan but has initiated extensive research work to establish ‘Na’at’ as a genre for the first time in the history of Urdu literature. He has also inspired many people to do research work on a variety of Na’at dimensions in different institutes.[1] He is pioneer member of ARY's Religious TV channel ARY QTV and currently giving his services for ARY Qtv as Sr. Manager Planning Research and P.R. Sabih Rehmani was born on June 27, 1965 at Karachi.[2] Syed Sabih Rehmani has dedicated his life to Urdu Naat for last two decades his contribution towards the treasure of Urdu Naat is simply incredible both in terms of quality and quantity. The spectrum of his services is broad. Broadly speaking it encompasses three major dimensions. Firstly he enjoys worldwide recognition as one of the leading Naat khawns of the sub continent. Secondly he has earned a sound reputation as one of the most distinguished, unique and original poet of modern Urdu Naat. And last but not the least, Saih rehmani is an outstanding research scholar with focused eye on various aspects of Naat and having an enviably sound background of Urdu literature.[3]

Summary of achievements[edit]

  1. Editing & Publishing ‘Naat Rang’; an erudite, internationally recognized journal on ‘Naat’ for the past ten years.
  2. Heading ‘Naat Research Centre’, rendering qualitative research work on Naat being published in various languages of the world., since 1994.

Credentials and awards[edit]

  1. ‘President’s Award’ for ‘Naat Rang’ Ministry of Religious Affairs Govt. of Pakistan (2004)
  2. “Europak Award” by Europak Innsbruck, Austria
  3. ‘Creative Poet award’ from House of Commons, Canada.
  4. ‘Special Award’ from Jamia Islamia, Canada.
  5. Quad-e-Azam Youth Award (1993)
  6. “Best Performance Award” by Radio Pakistan Karachi (1995)

Magazines and book published[edit]

In recognition of the meritorious efforts in the genre of Na’at following articles and books have been written on his Naatiya poetry.

  1. ‘Pazeerai’ (Karachi) contains articles on his poetry collection published in 1994.
  2. Special edition of ‘Baseerat international’ Canada (2002).
  3. Special edition of ‘ Safeer-e-Naat’ Karachi (2002)
  4. ‘Jada-e-Rehmat Ka Musafir’, a book written by Dr. Hasrat Kaasganjwion on his Natia Poetry.
  5. ‘Sana Khwan-e-Muhammed’ Mujalla published in (2003)
  6. ‘Naat Aur Aadab-e-Naat’ by Allama Kaukab Nurani.( collection of his letters written to him.)

Books by the author[edit]

  1. ‘Maah-e-Taiba’ first collection of his Naatia Poetry published in 1998.
  2. ‘Jada-e-Rehmat’ second collection of his Naatia poetry published in 1993.
  3. ‘Aiwan-e-Na’at’, published by Mumtaz Publishers, 1993.
  4. ‘Hain Mawajih pe hum’ published by Mumtaz Publishers Karachi. Fazli Sons Karachi published this book in the same year. It was again republished by ‘Taj Company’ ‘New Dehli, India
  5. ‘Khawaboon main sunehri jaali hay’ collection of his Naat compiled by Aziz Ahsan, published in 2001 & 2002.

CDs of Sabih Rehmani[edit]

  1. “Lab pe Na’at e Paak ka Naghma”…, by EMI.
  2. “Yaad e Medina”.., by Karachi Cassets Center, Lahore
  3. “Sarkar Tawajjo Fermayein” Maktaba Ashrafia Karachi
  4. “Sarkar key Kadmon main.” by Karachi Cassets Center, Lahore
  5. “Yaad e Haram” by FRS (Karachi)
  6. “Anwar e Haramain” by FRS (Karachi)
  7. “Ae Mediney ki Zameen” by FRS (Karachi)
  8. “Hum Nabi ka Astan dekha kiye.” by FRS (Karachi)

Mr.Sabih's Big Contribution for NAAT is "NAAT Rung"[edit]

Naat Rang, as a regular Urdu Book series,[4] dedicated solely to Naat poetry and literature. Due to its conspicuous symbolic value is recognized among the lead topical literary journals throughout the Urdu world. Started as bi-annual book series in 1995, Naat Rang is now being published regularly on every quarterly interval. With its origin in Karachi - Pakistan, it is circulated worldwide epically in the region where Urdu is spoken and understood at large including India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, Canada and US etc. It has earned government acknowledgement both at national as well as international level for its unique role in Urdu Literature as a recipient of national award 2003 from the government of Pakistan and excellence award-2000 from the government of Canada. Customized to the unique literary taste and mood of Naat lovers, it is admired immensely among a wide spectrum of Urdu readers who represent a cross section of interests and ideas. Combined with high standard of presentation, well-acknowledged research work of accredited Urdu thinkers, writers, poet, critics, intellectuals and scholars is the thickness of 800 pages, every issue of this distinct series appears to be an encyclopedia on the delicate and refined topic of Naat.

The Na'at Research Centre (NRC)[edit]

The Na'at Research Centre (NRC) is a unique institution devoted to the genre of Na'at among all the genres of Urdu poetry. Focusing on

Naat, it has made a rapid and immediate impact on the literary activity in Pakistan and especially in Karachi.

The NRC is the brainchild of Sabih Rehmani who is known for his melodies rendering at Na'ats at religious

gatherings in Pakistan and abroad. He has the singular distinction of composing his own Na'ats and rendering them himself in his

distinctive mode of delivery. This intelligent idea of establishing a centre where the literature devoted to Naats could be assembled,

consulted and added-to, was a much desired step in the right direction. Not only this, the NRC has also the pride-of-place in the

publishing of Literature devoted to this special area. Its recent publications are :

  1. Urdu naat ka Tehqiqi o Tanqidi Jaiza by Rashid Warsi
  2. Naat kay Tanqidi Afaq by Aziz Ahsan
  3. Fun-e-Idariya Nawesi aur Naat Rang by Dr. Afzal Ahmed Anwar.
  4. Ghalib aur Sana-e-Khwaja by Sabih Rehmani
  5. Fehrist-e-Kutub Khana Naat Research Centre by Tahir Quraishi.
  6. Naat mai kaisay kahun by Prof. Muhammad Iqbal Javed.
  7. Naat aur Tanqid-e-Naat by Dr. Syed Abul Khair Kashfi.
  8. Naat Rang Ehl-e-Ilm ki Nazar me by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed Qadri.[7]
  9. Naat Nagar ka Baasi by Sabih Rehmani.[8]
  10. Urdu Naat aur Jadeed Asaleeb by Aziz Ahsan.
  11. Isharia Naat Rang by Dr. Sohail Shafiq.

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