Sabina Citron

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Sabina Citron
Born 1928
Łódź, Poland
Residence Jerusalem, Israel
Known for Holocaust survivor; founder and spokesman of the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association; author

Sabina Citron (born in 1928) is a Holocaust survivor. She is a founder and spokesman of the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association, charged a Nazi propagandist with incitement to racial hatred against the Jewish people, and prevailed in a civil lawsuit for libel against Imre Finta. She is also the author of The Indictment.

Early life[edit]

Citron was born in Łódź, Poland.[1] She performed forced labor in an ammunition factory during World War II.[1] Later during the Holocaust, she was incarcerated in Auschwitz concentration camp, where her oldest brother died.[1][2] The majority of her extended family was killed during the Holocaust.[1] She moved to Israel in 1948, later immigrated to Toronto, Canada, and now lives in Jerusalem, Israel.[1]

Later life[edit]

Citron became a founder and spokesman of the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association.[3][4][5][6][7] In 1983 Citron charged Nazi propagandist Ernst Zündel, a Holocaust denier and pamphleteer, under the Criminal Code of Canada with incitement to racial hatred against the Jewish people.[1][8][9][10] The case was taken over by the Crown, and Zündel was convicted and sentenced to 15 months in jail.[11] She also prevailed in a civil lawsuit for libel against Imre Finta, after he accused her of being a liar for saying that he had committed war crimes.[1][12][13]

Citron is the author of The Indictment: The Arab-Israeli Conflict in Historical Perspective (Gefen Publishing House Ltd, 2006).[14][15]


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