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Sable Chemicals is a major fertilizer manufacturer, located in Kwekwe, central Zimbabwe. The company was founded in 1969 and is currently owned by TA Holdings.

Sable's ammonium nitrate fertilizer is supplied to both to the domestic and foreign markets. To produce the hydrogen required for the manufacture of ammonia (one of the two raw materials used in the fertilizer), the company runs the largest electrolysis plant in the world, which splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. In 2007, the company asked the Government of Zimbabwe for USD$40 million to fund major refurbishment of the plant.[1]

The company has a direct electrical connection to the Kariba Dam hydroelectric power plant, where it gets most of its electricity: the remainder is generated by the ZESA-Munyati power plant. The water required by the plant is sourced from the Kwekwe River.

Sable is the only manufacturer of ammonium nitrate fertilizer in Zimbabwe. It employs about 520 people and produces upwards of 250 000 tonnes of fertilizer.