Sabrisho I

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Sabrisho I (also Sabr-Ishu) (died 604) was Patriarch of the Church of the East from 596 to 604, during the rule of King Chosroes II.

Sabrisho had been a hermit, and was a strong supporter of the monastic way of life, so was influential in integrating monasticism into the church. Another strong supporter of monasticism at the time was Abraham the Great of Kashkar.

Conflicts during Sabrisho's tenure included that of Henana of Adiabene.

Upon Sabrisho's death, there was a power struggle over the election of a new Patriarch, between the King, his wife, and the Synod (council) of bishops.


Preceded by
Ishoʿyahb I
Catholicus-Patriarch of the East
Succeeded by