Sabueso Cántabro

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Cantabrian Scenthound
Other names Sabueso cántabro (Es)
Sabuesu cántabru (Cnt)
Country of origin Cantabria, Spain
Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

The Sabueso cántabro or Cantabrian Scenthound is an scenthound breed with its origin in Cantabria, the far north of Iberian Peninsula. This breed has being used in this mountainous region since hundreds of years ago in all kind of game: wild boar, hare, brown bear, wolf, red deer, fox, roe deer and chamois. It is an exclusive working breed, employed in hunting with firearms.

The first reports of its existence are from the early nineteenth century in the mountains of Cantabria.[1]

Always tricolor, the breed exhibits predominantly black colour with white and chestnut spots. This scenthound is notable for its great sense of smell and its sociability with other dogs. For this reason is employed as an assistant in packs in the game, especially for hares and wild boar.[1]

After years of degeneration by crosses it is been recovered by the Spanish Cantabrian Scenthound Association founded in 2005.[1]


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