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Sabyrtooth are an American Rock n' Roll duo who are strongly influenced by indie rock, grunge, pop and punk. Their sound has been described as combining "ethereal, bittersweet vocals" with "visceral guitar riffs" and "blues-influenced drums".

Sabyrtooth was formed in fall, 2010, in Los Angeles, California, by Coley Read (drums and backing vocals) and Abi Mae Colbeck (guitar and lead vocals). Sabyrtooth is both a production team and a band whose richly hypnotic sound is a result of Read and Colbeck's wide-ranging influences and expertise in music production.


The duo, who migrated to Los Angeles independently of each other, met in 2007 when Read began producing and engineering Colbeck's band. Since meeting, the pair have continued to create music together and describe their collaboration in Sabyrtooth as "raw and passion-fueled".

Musical style and influences[edit]

Sabyrtooth's sound involves elements of classic rock, folk and punk rock. The group cite their core influences as including Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, The Clash, David Bowie, Television (band) and Guns n Roses. The band also draws strong inspiration from 90's grunge bands Nirvana (band), Alice in Chains, and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Early band manager Lizzie Ripps described their sound as "merging accessible pop-rock with a heavier, brooding edge" to create an "edgy, modern, and recklessly gratifying punk-folk hybrid". Colbeck's vocals have been described as similar to those of Janis Joplin, Courtney Love, Fiona Apple or Kim Deal (The Pixies and the Breeders).

Street art & clothing[edit]

Sabyrtooth is a street art duo producing work in graffiti style using wheat paste and stencils. They are known for creating images of Queen Elizabeth, Darth Vader, big cats, and cobras.



Between 2008-2010, Sabyrtooth produced, engineered and starred in Alan Parsons's film series, the Art and Science of Sound Recording.


Sabyrtooth collaborated with film producer Mike Fleiss (Hostel, Texas Chainsaw Massacre) on California Wildebeest's eponymously titled EP. The EP was subsequently debuted at Ozzfest 2010.

On August 23, 2010, Sabyrtooth's production, Lies, was featured on CBS television series, The Bachelor.


In 2012, Sabyrtooth contributed to Douglass Richardson's album Colte Wolf, which was produced by Andy Johns (Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones).


Abi Mae Colbeck was born in Oxford, England, and was raised in Santa Cruz, California. Colbeck cites her vocal and instrumental styles as influences of her "California-girl" childhood, dance background and rock-pop in the family home. In her youth, Colbeck was the lead singer and bassist of an all-girl punk band, Jade Banger. Colbeck is a proficient bass, guitar and piano player.

Colbeck's musical arrangement, "Special Guest", is featured in the film The Hammer, based on the life of UFC champion Matt Hamill. Colbeck has previously collaborated with She & Him, Band of Horses, Rusty Anderson, Abe Laboriel, Jr., the Foo Fighters and Kris Kristofferson.

Coley Read was born in Pittsburgh, PA and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, United States. Read has a background in visual arts, namely painting, photography and graphic design. Read cites his musical influences as including swing and blues guitar having been mentored by blues legend Duke Robillard from the age of 16. In the decade prior to forming Sabyrtooth, Read worked as a producer, sound engineer for Alan Parsons and guitarist for Shooter Jennings & the 357's. Read has toured with many bands including Jennings, Charlie Daniels Band, Kings X, Tony Hussle/Floetry and Marsha Ambrosius on Floetry's North American VH1 tour. In with collaboration Scott Storch, Read was a session musician (guitar) on Paris Hilton’s album Paris. He cites producers Andy Johns and Alan Parsons as mentors.

Read has appeared on a number of television programs, including;


"Laugh Until I Die" (2013, Post-Production) Produced by Andy Johns.

"The Dogs Are Out (feat. Alan Parsons)" (B-Side Rarity, 2012)

Tales from the Canterbury (2011), the group's first EP, was named after the Los Angeles apartment building the record was recorded in.

My Daydream (2010), was recorded at the request of skateboard film director, Jesse Shane Sanchez, who commissioned Sabyrtooth to develop a musical score for the film My Daydream. The film starred members of the ZJ skateboarding house team, including Socrates Leal, Alec Beck, Marko Jazbinsek, Justin Cefai, Josue Campos and Mathew Leeb. The film was edited into a commercial for the Tech Deck fingerboard company.


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