Sacral hiatus

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Sacral hiatus
Sagittal section of vertebral canal to show the lower end of the medulla spinalis and the filum terminale.
Li, Lv. First and fifth lumbar vertebra.
SII Second sacral vertebra.
1. Dura mater.
2. Lower part of subarachnoid cavity.
3. Lower extremity of medulla spinalis.
4. Filum terminale internum.
5. Filum terminale externum.
6. Attachment of filum terminale to first segment of coccyx.
Sacrum, dorsal surface.
Latin hiatus sacralis
Gray's p.107
TA A02.2.05.020
FMA 31732
Anatomical terms of bone

The laminae of the fifth sacral vertebra, and sometimes those of the fourth, fail to meet behind, and thus a sacral hiatus occurs in the posterior wall of the sacral canal.

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