Sacramento Deep Water Ship Channel

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Coordinates: 38°07′32″N 121°41′48″W / 38.12547°N 121.69662°W / 38.12547; -121.69662[1]

Map of the Sacramento Deep Water Ship Channel

The Sacramento Deep Water Ship Channel (also known as Sacramento River Deep Water Ship Channel or SRDWSC) is a canal from the Port of Sacramento in West Sacramento, California to the Sacramento River, which flows into San Francisco Bay. It was completed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers in 1963. The channel is about 30 feet (9 m) deep, 200 feet (61 m) wide and 43 miles (69 km) long.

The Port of Sacramento is a significant port on the West Coast of the United States, but receives far less traffic than larger ports. It handles primarily agricultural products and other bulk goods rather than containers, which dominate the shipping market.

A plan to dredge the channel to 35 feet (10 m) became stalled in 1990 because the Port of Sacramento was unable to finance its share of the cost. However, there is still interest in the project. [2]


The Sacramento Deep Water Ship Channel was authorized by the River and Harbor Act of 24 July 1946.[3] It is a modification of, and a supplement to, the Sacramento River Shallow Draft Navigation Project which was adopted by the River and Harbor Act of 3 March 1899, which was started in September 1899 and completed in 1904.


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