Sacred Clowns

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This article is about the Hillerman novel. For Native American Sacred Clowns, see Sacred Clown. For the Lakota religious figures, see Heyoka.
Sacred Clowns
First edition
Jim Chee/Joe Leaphorn Navajo Tribal Police Series
Author Tony Hillerman
Cover artist Ernest Franklin[1]
Country United States
Language English
Genre Mystery
Publisher HarperCollins
Published 1993
Media type Print (hardcover and paperback)
Preceded by Coyote Waits
Followed by The Fallen Man

Sacred Clowns is a 1993 novel by Tony Hillerman.[2] It involves koshares, or sacred clowns, after which the book is named.[3]


The plot of the story surrounds several homicides and the relationship between Jim Chee and Janet Pete. Chee is still in training to become a Hatałii when he is assigned to work directly for Joe Leaphorn to solve the murder of a teacher killed at a mission followed by a violent death during a sacred clown dance.


The novel was nominated for the 1994 Anthony Award for Best Novel.[4]