Baghdad Gymnasium

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Coordinates: 33°19′35″N 44°26′16″E / 33.32639°N 44.43778°E / 33.32639; 44.43778

Baghdad Gymnasium, (Arabic: صالة الجمنيزيوم للألعاب الرياضية ‎), formerly Saddam Hussein Gymnasium, is a sports complex in Baghdad, Iraq adjacent to the Al-Shaab Stadium. Designed by Le Corbusier under the commission of King Faisal II in 1956 for potential use in the 1960 Summer Olympics. After Faisal II was overthrown in a military coup in 1958 the project was abandoned.

Saddam Hussein's government revived the project by building an indoor 3,000 seat stadium and an adjacent, open-air amphitheater linked by an enormous sliding door which, when opened, integrates the two stadia. After a renewal process may be used for sports such as volleyball and basketball.[1]


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