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Sadr (as-Sadr or al-Sadr) (الصدر) is a family name originating in the Lebanon and a branch of Musawi family tracing to Musa Ibn Jaafar the seventh Shia Imam.


Sadr is a branch of Sharafeddine (Arabic:شرف الدين) family from Jabal Amel in Lebanon. The Sharafeddine family itself is a branch of the Nour eddine family, which traces its lineage to Musa al-Kazim (the seventh Shi'a Imam) and through him to the first Imam, Ali ibn Abi Talib and Fatima Zahra, the daughter of Muhammad (d.632). The as-Sadr family has produced numerous Islamic scholars in Iran, Lebanon, and Iraq, including Ismail as-Sadr (d. 1919) and his grandsons Musa Sadr (d.1978[?]) and Mohammad Baqir as-Sadr (d.1980).

List of Notables[edit]


Ancestor of the Sadr family, Seyyed Saleh Musawi Ameli, was a descendant of Musa al-Kazim, the seventh Shi'a Imam, through 27 generations: Seyyed Saleh son of Mohammad son of Ebrahim son of Zeyn-ol-Abedin son of Ali Nur-od-Din son of Nur-od-Din Ali son of Ezz al-Din Hossein son of Mohammad son of Hossein son of Ali son of Mohammad son of Tadj al-Din son of Mohammad son of Jalal al-Din son of Ahmad son of Hamzeh son of Sa'adollah son of Hamzeh son of Abol-sa'adat son of Abu-Mohammad son of Mohammad son of Abol-Hassan Ali son of Abu Taher son of Mohammad son of Taher son of Hossein Al-Qat'i son of Musa Abu Sobheh son of Ebrahim son of Musa al-Kazim.[1]

Family tree[edit]

Seyyed Saleh Musawi Ameli
Seyyed Mohammad Ali Musavi Ameli Esfahani
(b. 1777-d. 1822)
Seyyed Sadr al-Din Musawi Ameli Esfahani
(b. 1779-d. 1848)
Seyyed Musa Musavi Ameli Esfahani
(b. 1818-d. 1873)
Seyyed Esa Musavi Ameli Esfahani
(b. 1815-d. 1863)
Seyyed Jamal al-Din Va'ez Esfahani
(b. 1862-d. 1908)
Seyyed Ebrahim
(b. 1851-d. 1896)
Seyyed Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh
(b. 1892-d. 1997)
Seyyed Esma'il Sadr
(b. 1839-d. 1919)
Seyyed Abu Ja'afar Sadr
(b. 1836-d. 1907)
Seyyed Hossein Sadr
(b. 1834-d. 1909)
Seyyed Abolhasan Sadr
(b. 1827-d. 1896)
Seyyed Mohammad Ali Sadr
(b. 1824-d. 1858)
Seyyed Mohammad Javad Sadr
(b. 1884-d. 1942)
Seyyed Sadr al-Din Sadr
(b. 1882-d. 1954)
Seyyed Heydar Sadr
(b. 1891-d. 1937)
Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Sadr
(b. 1879-d. 1939)
Seyyed Mohammad Sadeq Sadr
(b. 1906-d. 1986)
Seyyed Mohammad Baqer Sadr
(b. 1935-d. 1980)
Seyyedeh Amineh Bent-ol-Hoda Sadr
(b.1938-d. 1980)
Seyyed Mohammad Mohammad Sadeq Sadr
(b. 1943-d. 1999)
Ja'afar Sadr
Nobouq Sadr
Maram Sadr
Saba Sadr
Houra Sadr
Seyyed Moqtada Sadr
(b. 1973-)
Seyyed Reza Sadr
Seyyed Ali Sadr
Imam Musa Sadr (b.1929-d.1978 [?])
Seyyedeh Sediqeh Sadr
Seyyedeh Tahereh Sadr
Seyyedeh Batool Sadr
Seyyedeh Mansoureh Sadr
Seyyedeh Fatemeh Sadr
Seyyedeh Zahra Sadr
Seyyedeh Robabeh Sadr
Parvin Khalili
Mohammad Baqer Tabatab'i
Seyyed Mehdi Sadr-e Ameli
Hadi Ebadi
Ali Akbar Sadqi
Eskandar Firouzan
Seyyed Hosein Sharaf al-Din
Seyyed Mohammad Khatami
Zohreh Sadeqi (b.1949)
Seyyed Kazem Sadr
(b. 1945-)
Seyyed Mohammad Sadr
Seyyed Mehdi Sadr
Seyyedeh Houra Sadr
Seyyedeh Maliheh Sadr
Seyyed Sadr al-Din Sadr
Seyyed Hamid Sadr
Seyyed Abdol-Hossein Tabatab'i
Seyyed Morteza Tabatab'i
Seyyedeh Fatemeh Tabatab'i
Seyyed Sadeq Tabatab'i
Leili Broujerdi
Fereshteh A'arabi
Seyyed Ahmad Khomeini
(b. 1945-d. 1995)
Seyyedeh Houra Sadr
Seyyedeh Hoda Tabatab'i
Seyyedeh Zoha Tabatab'i
Seyyed Hassan Khomeini
Seyyed Yaser Khomeini
Seyyed Ali Khomeini

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