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Sae Miyazawa
Native name 宮澤佐江
Born (1990-08-13) August 13, 1990 (age 24)
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres J-pop
Occupation(s) Japanese idol, singer, actress
Years active 2006-present
Labels You, Be Cool! / King
Associated acts AKB48, SNH48, SKE48, Chocolove from AKB48, Diva

Sae Miyazawa (宮澤 佐江 Miyazawa Sae?, born August 13, 1990 in Tokyo), is a Japanese idol singer, actress and variety tarento, best known for her various affiliations with AKB48 and its various sister- and subgroups.


After being rejected during the first audition for AKB48, Miyazawa auditioned again in February 2006 in an applicant pool of about twelve thousand. This time, she was selected as one of the 19 girls for AKB48's newly created Team K, which made its stage debut on April 1, 2006.[1]

Miyazawa has participated in the title tracks for 25 of the 27 AKB48 singles released between October 2006 ("Aitakatta") and August 2012 ("Gingham Check"), missing the A-sides of "Chance no Junban" and "Ue kara Mariko", for which the featured members were determined by a rock-paper-scissors-tournament. During this time, she became a member of two AKB48 side projects. Chocolove from AKB48 was established in 2007 as a trio with fellow AKB48 members Sayaka Akimoto and Rina Nakanishi. The group released two singles and an album, but disbanded in 2008 following Nakanishi's departure from AKB48. In 2011, AKB48 announced that she and Akimoto would be part of another spin-off called Diva, along with Ayaka Umeda and Yuka Masuda. Following the departure of Akimoto and Masuda, Diva was disbanded in late 2014, after releasing a farewell single and album.[2]

In January 2011, an exhibition of her self-portraits was held at the AKB48 Official Shop in Hong Kong,[3] She then visited Hong Kong on January 28, and attended a series of events, including an AKB48 Cosplay Event held in Dragon Centre in Kowloon.[4] In March 2012, during AKB48's trip to the National Cherry Blossom Festival, Miyazawa visited the Strong John Thomson Elementary School in Washington, D.C., to explain Japanese pop culture to the pupils.[5]

In August 2012, it was announced that Miyazawa and fellow AKB48 member Mariya Suzuki would be transferred overseas to help lead Shanghai-based sister group SNH48.[6][7] This transfer was initially scheduled to last six to twelve months.[8] Because she and Suzuki did not have working visas for China, they rarely appeared with SNH48; for instance, they only appeared as audience members for the group's first public performance.[7] During the opening ceremony of SNH48's theater in Shanghai in September 2013, group officials announced that Miyazawa would begin to perform with the group on October 11, 2013.[9][10] Indeed, both Miyazawa and Suzuki debuted with SNH48 on that date, triggering media coverage in both Japan[11][12] and China.[13] Her endeavors as a Japanese idol in a Chinese environment made the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology name Miyazawa a representative for the "Tobitate! Ryugaku Japan"-campaign ("Take off! Study abroad!").[14][15]

In January 2013, during the annual "Request Hour" concerts held by all Japanese AKB48 acts, the Miyazawa-led song "Kiseki wa Mani Awanai" ranked second in fan voting, which made it the highest ranked stage unit song among "Request Hour" events.[16] Following this, Miyazawa promoted AKB48's 30th single "So Long!" in TV broadcasts, even though she did not participate in the actual single recording.[17] In March 2013, Miyazawa started a Twitter account, but this was suspended when it gathered too many followers on the first day; her Twitter was reopened two days later.[18] Meanwhile, Miyazawa took part in AKB48's 31st single "Sayonara Crawl".[19]

During the AKB48 Group Rinji Sokai concert in Nippon Budokan in April 2013, AKB48 announced her return to Team K and concurrent membership with SNH48.[20] In the 2013 AKB48 general election, she finished tenth overall. During the election results event, she declared her plans to focus on SNH48,[21] and after confirmation with AKB48 management, became the first AKB48 member to voluntarily drop concurrency.[22] As a result, she did not participate in the rock-paper-scissors tournament in 2013[23][24] and rarely appeared with the group until February 2014, at the Grand Reformation Festival, when AKB48 announced Miyazawa's transfer to Nagoya based SKE48, while staying a concurrent member of SNH48.[25] She was appointed the 'leader' of SKE48's Team S. On that same day, she accepted that new position on her google+, after learning of the transfer via a live phone call from that event.[26][27] Starting with April 2014, she is frequently performing with SKE48. However, she suffered a significant decrease in popularity in the process, as she lost over 21000 votes compared to 2013 in the 2014 AKB48 general election, but still managed to maintain the 12th position overall.[28] In SKE48, Miyazawa appears frequently as one of the leading members in commercial campaigns, TV and stage performances, and has since then been selected to appear in AKB48's 38th single,[29] her first regular single appearance since Sayonara Crawl, and her 29th title track performance overall.

Miyazawa, who is signed to media agency Flave entertainment (formerly office48), has been promoted in many of AKB48's own shows, but also frequently appears in Japanese radio and TV. In October 2011, she was the AKB48 member with the most appearances in the popular show Music Japan on NHK, with 34 performances.[30] She has also published one photobook in 2009. Occasionally, she is cast as an actress for feature films, stage plays and Japanese TV dramas. In January 2014, Miyazawa was selected to play a major role in the stage play Wings of Kuzariana (クザリアーナの翼?), the 13th volume of the Gorgeous Earth series, which was performed in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.[31][32] In July 2014, it was announced that she would play the male lead role in the stage adaption of the manga "AKB49: Ren'ai Kinshi Jōrei".[33] 2014 ended with her being cast in ntv's special primetime drama "Dr. Nurse Aid" (Dr.ナースエイド) in November.[34]


Miyazawa, who is often called "Sae-chan" (さえちゃん) by fans and media,[35] belongs to the most popular members of the 48 group family with consistent high finishes in audience polls. In the AKB48 general elections, in which the lineup (called "senbatsu") for a given single is decided by fan voting, she placed 14th (2009), 9th (2010), 11th (2011), 11th (2012), 10th (2013), and 12th(2014) respectively, which gave her a spot on the related title tracks. She is one of six members to make it to the senbatsu ranks in all six elections. Miyazawa and former team captain Sayaka Akimoto were frequently referred to as the "Twin Towers" of Team K, because of their comparably tall height and their key roles in that team. Another nickname she bears is "Genking" (from Japanese "genki" = energetic, cheerful), as she is often portrayed as loud, impulsive and energetic.[36] She is also known as AKB48's "handsome idol" (Japanese: "ikemen idol") due to her tomboyish mannerisms and image.[36]

In the animated series AKB0048, the character Miyazawa Sae The 10th / Asamiya Youko is modeled after her, voiced by Mai Nakahara.



Main singles[edit]

Year No. Title Role[37] Notes
2006 1 "Aitakatta" A-side Debut with Team K.
2007 2 "Seifuku ga Jama o Suru" A-side
2007 3 "Keibetsu Shiteita Aijō" A-side
2007 4 "Bingo!" A-side
2007 5 "Boku no Taiyō" A-side
2007 6 "Yūhi o Miteiru ka?" A-side
2008 7 "Romance, Irane" A-side
2008 8 "Sakura no Hanabiratachi 2008" A-side
2008 9 "Baby! Baby! Baby!" A-side
2008 10 "Ōgoe Diamond" A-side
2009 11 "10nen Sakura" A-side Also featured in "Sakurairo no Sora no Shita de"[citation needed]
2009 12 "Namida Surprise!" A-side
2009 13 "Iiwake Maybe" A-side Ranked 14th in 2009 General Election
2009 14 "River" A-side
2010 15 "Sakura no Shiori" A-side, Team PB Also appeared in "Enkyori Poster" as Team PB.
2010 16 "Ponytail to Shushu" A-side Also sang on "Majijo Teppen Blues"
2010 17 "Heavy Rotation" A-side Ranked 9th in 2010 General Election. Also featured in "Yasai Sisters" and "Lucky Seven".
2010 18 "Beginner" A-side
2010 19 "Chance no Junban" B-side Did not sing on title track; lineup was determined by rock-paper-scissors tournament.[38] Sang on "Yoyakushita Christmas", and "Alive" (as Team K).
2011 20 "Sakura no Ki ni Narō" A-side
2011 21 "Everyday, Katyusha" A-side Also appeared in "Korekara Wonderland" and "Yankee Soul".
2011 22 "Flying Get" A-side Ranked 11th in 2011 General Election. Also sang on "Seishun to Kizukanai Mama" and "Yasai Uranai"[citation needed]
2011 23 "Kaze wa Fuiteiru" A-side
2011 24 "Ue kara Mariko" B-side Did not sing on title track; lineup was determined by rock-paper-scissors tournament;[39][40] She sang on "Noël no Yoru"; and on "Zero Sum Taiyou" as Team K.
2012 25 "Give Me Five!" A-side (Baby Blossom), Special Girls B Sang in chorus with Baby Blossom; featured in "Hitsujikai no Tabi" as part of Special Girls B.
2012 26 "Manatsu no Sounds Good!" A-side She also sang on "Kimi no Tame ni Boku wa".
2012 27 "Gingham Check" A-side Ranked 11th in 2012 General Election.
2012 29 "Eien Pressure" B-side Did not appear in the title track; lineup was determined by rock-paper-scissors tournament. Sang on "Watashitachi no Reason". First single after her transfer to SNH48.
2013 31 "Sayonara Crawl" A-side She is credited as SNH48 / AKB48 Team K for this single.
2013 32 "Koi Suru Fortune Cookie" A-side Ranked 10th in 2013 General Election.[41] She is credited as SNH48 on this single. Also appeared in "Namida no Sei Janai" and "Saigo no Door".
2014 37 "Kokoro no Placard" A-side Ranked 12th in 2014 General Election.[42]
2014 38 "Kibōteki Refrain" A-side Senbatsu - Group B


Song participiations aside from single title track recordings:

Team Surprise[edit]

She participated in the first two incarnations of Team Surprise, a subunit formed for a Pachinko machine campaign, but was not selected for the third:

  • Suteki na Sankaku Kankei (素敵な三角関係?)
  • Namida ni Shizumu Taiyou (涙に沈む太陽?)
  • Kimi ga Omotteru yori (キミが思ってるより?)
  • Megami wa Doko de Hohoemu? (女神はどこで微笑む??)

Other singles participation[edit]

  • "Dareka no Tame Ni (誰かのために?) - What can I do for someone?" (2011)
  • "Koi no Onawa (恋のお縄?)" (2011)
  • "Tenohira ga Kataru Koto ( 掌が語ること?)" (2013)
  • "Enjoy your life!" (2013), on Tomomi Kasai's second single release, "Mine"


Main singles[edit]

Year No. Title Role Notes
2014 15 "Bukiyō Taiyō" A-side Also appeared in "Houkago Race" with Team S
2015 16 "12gatsu no kangaroo" A-side Also appeared in "Kesenai Honoo" with Team S

Chocolove from AKB48[edit]

Main article: Chocolove from AKB48


Main article: Diva (band)

Stage units[edit]


Miyazawa participated in the following stage programs for AKB48:[43]

  • 2006: Team K 1st Stage "Party ga Hajimaruyo" (PARTYが始まるよ?)
    • small group songs: "Skirt, Hirari" (スカート、ひらり?) and "Hoshi no Ondo" (星の温度?)
  • 2006: Team K 2nd Stage "Seishun Girls" (青春ガールズ?)
    • small group songs: "Blue Rose" and "Fushidara na Natsu" (ふしだらな夏?)
  • 2006-2007: Team K 3rd Stage "Nōnai Paradise" (脳内パラダイス?)
    • small group songs: "Kimi wa Pegasus" (君はペガサス?)
  • 2007: Himawari Gumi 1st Stage "Boku no Taiyō" (僕の太陽?)
    • small group songs: "Itoshisa no defence" (愛しさのdefence?)
  • 2007-2008: Himawari Gumi 2nd Stage "Yume wo Shinaseru Wakeni Ikanai" (夢を死なせるわけにいかない?)
    • small group songs: "Hajimete no jerry beans" (初めてのジェリービーンズ?)
  • 2008-2009: Team K 4th Stage "Saishū Bell ga Naru" (最終ベルが鳴る?)
    • small group songs: "Gomen ne Jewel" (ごめんねジュエル?)
  • 2009-2010: Team K 5th Stage "Sakaagari" (逆上がり?)
    • small group songs: "Ai no Iro" (愛の色?)
  • 2010-2012: Team K 6th Stage "Reset"
    • small group songs: "Kiseki wa Maniawanai" (奇跡は間に合わない?)


After moving to SNH48, Miyazawa performed in the following stage programs:[43]

  • 2013: SNH48 Kenkyusei 1st stage "Give Me Power"


  • 2014: Team S 3rd Stage "Seifuku no Me" (Revival)
    • small group songs: "Mangekyou" (万華鏡?) and "Onna no Ko no Dairokkan" (女の子の第六感?) (Center position in absence of Jurina Matsui)



Year Title Role
2007 Densen Uta C-chan (Cちゃん?)
2009 Three-day Boys (スリーデイボーイズ?) Younger sister of leading actor
2011 Kōkō Debut (高校デビュー?) Mami Takahashi
2012 Ultraman Saga (ウルトラマンサーガ?) Sawa

TV dramas[edit]

Year Title Role
2008 Tadashii Ouji no Tsukuri Kata (正しい王子のつくり方?) Koharu Kido (城戸小春?)
2008 Koizora (恋空?) Manami (マナミ?)
2008 Tetsudō Musume (episode 5 & 6) (鉄道むすめ 第5・6話?) Mīna Ōtsuki (大月みーな?)
2008–2009 Ai no Gekijō Love Letter (愛の劇場 ラブレター?) Chie Nonomura(in high-school age) (野々村知恵(中高生時代)?)
2010 Majisuka Gakuen (マジすか学園?) Gakuran (学ラン?)
2010 Arienai (episode 5) (あり得ない?) Aya Takano (高野アヤ?)
2011 Sakura kara no tegami (桜からの手紙 〜AKB48 それぞれの卒業物語〜?) Sae Miyazawa (宮澤佐江?)
2011 Majisuka Gakuen 2 (マジすか学園2?) Yōran(Gakuran) (洋ラン(学ラン)?)
2012 Counter no Futari (episode 11) (カウンターのふたり シーズン?) Young mother
2013 Detarame Hero (episode 6) (でたらめヒーロー?) Moe Hoshino
2014 Dr. Nurse Aid (Dr.ナースエイド?) Nurse

Television (Excerpts)[edit]

Year Title Role
2007 Kagayake Appli no Hoshi Self
2008 AKB 1ji 59fun! Self
2008 AKB 0ji 59fun! Self
2008–2012, 1014 AKBingo! Self
2008–2013 AKB48 Nemousu TV (AKB48ネ申テレビ?) Self
2009–2011 Shukan AKB48 (週刊AKB?) Self
2010 G.I. Goro Self
2010 AKB-class Gourmet Stadium Self
2010 DERO! Self
2010-2013 AKB to ××! Self
2010–2013 SKE48 Ebisho! Self
2014 SKE48 EbiCalcio Self
2014 Shumi no engei ya sai no jikan Self


Year Title Role
2007- ON8 "Hashira Night! with AKB48! (ON8「柱NIGHT! with AKB48」?) Self
2007- AKB48 Asu made mou chotto. (AKB48 明日までもうちょっと。?) Self
2010- AKB48 no Allnight Nippon Self
2010-2013 Listen (Live 4 Life) Self (Solo MC in June & November 2010, double MC in April 2013)
2010– AKB48 Akimoto Sayaka·Miyazawa Sae no Ukkari Channel Self (co-hostess)
2011 AKB48 no "Watashi tachi no Monogatari" Self
2012-2013 ViVADiVA Self (co-hostess)

Other stage performances[edit]

Year Title Role
2009 AKB48 Kagekidan "Infinity" (AKB歌劇団「∞・Infinity」?) Ruka Murasame (村雨ルカ?) (Leading actress, double cast with Sayaka Akimoto)
2010 Space Wars Replay (スペース・ウォーズ再演?)
2011 Double Heroine (スーパーLIVEショー「ダブルヒロイン」?) Asuka Mizutani
2013 Wings of Kuzariana (クザリアーナの翼?) Koruri
2014 AKB49 Ren'ai kinshi jōrei (AKB49〜恋愛禁止条例?) Minoru Urayama (Leading male role)


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