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Saemaul DHC-PP DMU with new Korail CI colour.(retired)
Korean name
Hanja 새마을
Revised Romanization Saemaeulho
McCune–Reischauer Saemaŭlho

The Saemaul-ho, Saemaeul-ho, Saemaul, or Saemaeul are a class of train operated by Korail, the national railroad of South Korea. Saemaeul trains are distinguished from the more basic Mugunghwa trains by their larger and comfortable seats and absence of standing passengers. Before the introduction of the KTX express trains, the Saemaeul were the fastest class of trains in South Korea, making the journey from Seoul to Busan in less than 5 hours. Saemaeul trains operate only on selected lines, such as the Gyeongbu Line.

The Saemaeul are also distinguished from the Mugunghwa trains by their colour; typical Saemaeul train passenger cars are painted with green, blue, and yellow. The length of Saemaeul train varies from 5 cars to 12 cars. Certain Saemaeul running from Seoul to Busan separate at Gupo Station, with one half travelling along the Bujeon Line and Donghae Nambu Line to Haeundae, while the other proceeds down the main Gyeongbu Line to Busan.

The Saemaeul-ho takes its name from the Saemaeul Undong, a movement for rural revitalization spearheaded by Park Chunghee in the 1970s.

New ITX-Saemaeul train

The Saemaeul-ho class will be replaced with the ITX-Saemaeul in May 12 with an average speed of 150 kilometers per hour to replace the older Saemaeul trains by the end of the year.[1]

Rolling stock numbers[edit]

  • Diesel Hydraulic Car (also known as Push-Pull) (retired)- #101–216, #251–262, #301–446, #501–513, #521–585, #611–649, #701–715, #751–755, #781–787
  • Long-length Saemaul-ho Passenger Car - #41–50, #10041–10047, #10086, #11084–11101
  • Streamlined Saemaul-ho Passenger Car (retired) - #38–39, #10031–10033, #10051–10059

On service[edit]

Destination Panel for Saemaeul-ho
Seat for Saemaeul-ho normal class
  • Janghang Line; 장항선, by Diesel Locomotive : Yongsan-Iksan; 용산-익산
  • Donghae Nambu Line;동해남부선 by Diesel Locomotive : Seoul-Pohang; 서울-포항

Ceased Operation[edit]

  • Gyeongui Line; 경의선, by DHC : Seoul-Dorasan, Imjingang-Dorasan; 서울-도라산, 임진강-도라산, ceased on June 30, 2009.
  • Jungang, Yeongdong and Taebaek Line : Cheongnyangni-Andong/Gangneung, ceased on November 2006. Cheongnyangni-Andong, ceased on October 2014
  • Gyeongbu Line; 경부선, by DHC,Diesel Locomotive, Korail class 8200 : Seoul-Busan/Haeundae; 서울-부산/해운대, Seoul-Masan; 서울-마산, Seoul-Bujeon; 서울-부전
  • Honam Line; 호남선, by DHC and Diesel Locomotive, Korail class 8200 : Yongsan-Gwangju/Mokpo; 용산-광주/목포, ceased on June 2014
  • Jeolla Line; 전라선, by DHC, Diesel Locomotive, Korail class 8200 : Yongsan-Yeosu; 용산-여수 ,ceased on June 2014
  • Jinhae Line; 진해선, by DHC : Daegu-Jinhae; 대구-진해

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