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Saepio Technologies, Inc
Privately held company
Industry Software, Content Management, Document management, Document imaging, Marketing, Digital Asset Management, Marketing Asset Management, Distributed Marketing Management
Founded 2000
Headquarters Kansas City, Missouri
Key people
Mark Hunter, President & CEO
Eric Bur, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer
Stephen Tucker, Vice President of Marketing
Jeff Allen, Vice President of Sales
Products Dynamic Content Engine
Marketing Asset Manager
Number of employees

Saepio is a privately held, US-based provider of marketing technology and services for corporations with distributed marketing networks. Saepio's main office is located at 600 Broadway Suite 400, in Kansas City, Missouri.

Saepio’s enterprise marketing management technology is built with a marketing asset management-based architecture that automates marketing processes and helps franchise-based and distributed marketers utilize corporate collateral for local campaigns.

Founded in 2000, Saepio is the marketing technology platform for organizations such as Audi, H&R Block, McDonald’s, HCA, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, Clockwork, Presence Health and YMCA.


Saepio Dynamic Content Engine - A software that allows customers to create template layouts for marketing collateral that distributed marketers around the world can version for local relevancy.

Saepio Marketing Asset Manager – Provides the functionality of dynamic collateral customization, but also includes adds digital asset management, marketing automation and a self-creating storefront with e-commerce abilities.

Saepio MarketPort - Integrated campaigns, digital asset management, marketing asset management, workflow approvals, automatic resizes and more; MarketPort makes it easy for national brands to create, localize, personalize and distribute marketing messages from one platform.


Program Management - A Client Services account team will tend to the daily maintenance of the program, ensure the client is getting all value and benefits of the platform’s capabilities. This type of service includes managing users, creating and generating custom reports, managing assets, and collaborating with other vendors.

Template Construction - Creating brand-compliant templates that are customizable by your users, preparing your pre-approved assets for dispersing to users, and advising on best practices for user collateral customization experience.

Technical Support Services - Trained professionals that helps resolve issues quickly and correctly, are able to answer end users' questions as well as recommend solutions. This type of service could include support for corporate admins or end users.

Creative Design - Clients can reduce their agency costs by utilizing Saepio's create services. This type of service includes creating new marketing template designs and customizing the platform to match the brand creative guidelines.

Custom Development - Although MarketPort is highly configurable and allows for easy out of the box integrations, custom development is available. Examples of this type of service include facilitating the development of the platform to meet client needs, advanced SSO, and integrations with your other preferred 3rd party vendors such as CRM solutions and list providers.


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