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Safa or SAFA may refer to: Safa (Arabic name صفاء) means purity, clarity, serenity, lucidity, fineness and fairness. Safa is purity of spirit, heart, mind, and life.



  • South African Football Association, national governing body for association football in the Republic of South Africa
  • SAFA (architecture), professional body representing architects in Finland
  • SAFA India, women's empowerment organization addressing livelihoods and education with a slum community in Hyderabad, India
  • Al-Safa' SC, an association football club in Lebanon
  • Safa Saree, A saree manufacturing unit running under the banner Safa Sarees in Varanasi, India.


People with the given name[edit]

  • Safa Giray (1931–2011), Turkish civil engineer and politician
  • Safa Haeri, Iranian–French journalist
  • Safa Khulusi (1917–1995), Iraqi historian, novelist, poet, journalist and broadcaster

People with the surname[edit]

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