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Safarali Kenjayev (1942[1] – 30 March 1999) was a Tajikistani politician who served as the Speaker of the Supreme Soviet in Tajikistan 1991–1992, Chairman of the Tajik Parliament's committee on human rights and legislation, and as head of the Socialist Party of Tajikistan, which he founded.[2][3]

Kenjayev was a member of the Yaghnobi community.[citation needed]

In May 1992 protestors demonstrated outside the legislature building in Dushanbe, calling for Kenjayev's dismissal because of his alleged corruption and mismanagement. As the civil war broke out Kenjayev and other leaders formed the Popular Front. On 24 October 1992 Kenjayev led his army into Dushanbe, attacking the capital's government building. More than 150 people died.[2] His forces, in control of the local radio station, proclaimed him the new president.[4]

Three assassins killed Kenjayev, his bodyguard, and his driver in Dushanbe on March 30, 1999.[2]


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