Safari Skyway

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Safari Skyway
Chessington World of Adventure and Zoo Safari Skyway.jpg
Trains entering the station
Chessington World of Adventures
Area Market Square area
Status Operating
Opening date 1986
General statistics
Attraction type Monorail
Manufacturer Mack Rides
Music The Call to Adventure
Capacity 800 riders per hour
Duration 10 minutes

Safari Skyway is a monorail ride opened in 1986 at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, in the Market Square area. Manufactured by Mack Rides, any riders under 1.1 meter must be accompanied by an adult. [1]


A view of the sea lions from the Safari Skyway, August 2006.

Safari Skyway was opened in 1986, as one of the first rides at Chessington World of Adventures Resort along with Dragon Falls.[2] Safari Skyway's entrance is in the Market Square area, and the monorail gives a guided tour of the zoo, lawn and mansion area.


The ride takes approximately 10mins,[3] and the maximum height is 1.96 meters. Riders under 1.1 meters must be accompanied by someone 16 or over.[1] The ride passes such features as the Chessington Zoo, overlooking Sea Lions Bay and other areas. It first passes by the smaller animals, around the Sea Life Centre and near the Lodge Gate entrance. The ride continues passing nearby (but not directly above) the gorillas, lions and sea lions before returning to the station via the theme"coasterforcesafariskyway"/>

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