SafeWallet Password Manager

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SafeWallet Password Manager
Developer(s) SBSH Software
Development status Discontinued
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in Multilingual
Type Password manager
License Proprietary freeware
Website SafeWallet Password Manager

SafeWallet Password Manager is a free password management program developed by SBSH Software. It is available for Windows, Android and iPhone.


SafeWallet Password Manager creates wallets that are protected by a master password using strong AES 256bit encryption for the security of private information. On Windows, SafeWallet can optionally integrate with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome for automatic form filling. Cross-platform cloud synchronization is also supported. In the meantime SafeWallet seems to be discontinued, last update was from April 2013[1] and developers homepage is not reachable anymore.


  • One master password
  • Very secure; everything is encrypted locally
  • Cloud synchronization
  • Cross browser and platform support
  • Strong password generation
  • Password encryption
  • Form filler
  • Portable access


SafeWallet Password Manager has been accepted as a leading[peacock term] Password manager by many large and small independent markets and communities.[clarification needed] It has been selected as an Android Central Editor's Pick,[2] featured on CrackBerry,[3] featured on GearDiary,[4] featured on PreCentral, and has received many other rewards. Last year, MakeUsOf selected SafeWallet Password Manager for give-aways.[5] It has been reviewed by Amazon independent reviewers,[6] Android market reviewers,[7] iTunes reviewers,[8] and many other website reviewers.

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