Safe As Mother's Milk

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Safe as Mother's Milk: The Hanford Project
Artist Kim Stringfellow
Year 2002 (2002) - 2004 (2004)
Type Art exhibition

Safe As Mother's Milk is a multimedia project created by Kim Stringfellow which examines the history of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.[1] It consists of a website and a physical installation. The project uses declassified documents, news reels, and historical photography to create an unofficial multimedia documentary of the Hanford site. It illustrates the ways in which the Internet can be used to disseminate unofficial histories through multimedia technologies.


The project was commissioned by Adrian Van Egmond for the Cornish College of the Arts ART + ACTIVISM Visiting Artist series in 2002.[2]

The next year, the project was a finalist in the South by Southwest Interactive Web Competition finalist in the category "Online Educational Resource" and was exhibited at San Diego State as part of Digital State: New Faculty and Student Work at SDSU.

The project's final exhibition was in 2004 at the Tallinn City Art Gallery in Tallinn, Estonia.


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