Safe Sex (film)

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Safe Sex
Directed by Thanasis Papathanasiou
Michalis Reppas
Written by Thanasis Papathanasiou
Michalis Reppas
Starring Anna Panayiotopoulou
Mina Adamaki
Alexandros Antonopoulos
Mimis Chrisomalis
Christos Efthimiou
Helene Gerasimidou
Vaso Goulielmaki
Haris Gregoropoulos
Kostas Grekas
Pavlos Haikalis
Tasos Halkias
Eleni Kastani
Dimitri Katalifos
Krateros Katsoulis
Release dates
Germany 11 February 2000 (Berlin International Film Festival)
Running time
100 min
Country Greece
Language Greek

Safe Sex is a 1999 comedy film by Michalis Reppas and Thanasis Papathanasiou. It was a blockbuster in Greece.


The film features an ensemble cast of Greek actors portraying various characters, each living his own story in modern Greece. Almost everyone of the protagonists is interrelated to each other, and all live their own parallel stories which often converge at several points. Several professional actors appear briefly or in non-speaking cameo roles.

As a result, there is no central plot or prominent protagonist who may be singled out. The major theme of the movie is sex and each character's approach to it, portrayed in a comedic way.


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