Safeway Insurance Group

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Safeway Insurance Group
Industry Financial services
Founded 1959
Headquarters Westmont, Illinois, United States
Key people
Robert M. Bordeman, CEO
William J. Parrillo, Chairman, President and Founder

Auto, Home and Renter's Insurance.

revenue = $324.3 Million USD (2005)
Number of employees
452 (in 2005)
Slogan Safe In Every Way

Safeway Insurance Group is a privately held insurance company, providing primarily automobile insurance. Safeway was founded in 1959 by William J. Parrillo and is currently headquartered in Westmont, Illinois[1] in the United States. Robert J. Parrillo, William's brother, is a key shareholder. Safeway Insurance Group is the largest, privately held, family owned insurance company in the United States.[2][3] In addition to its headquarters, Safeway maintains field offices in most of the states it conducts business in.

Safeway currently conducts business in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida (Safeway Property only), Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee and Texas.[4]

Companies in Group[edit]

  • Safeway Insurance Company
  • Safeway Direct Insurance Company
  • Safeway Property Insurance Company
  • SPIC Financial Corporation
  • Safeway Insurance Company of Alabama
  • Safeway Insurance Company of Arkansas
  • Safeway Insurance Company of Georgia
  • Safeway Insurance Company of Louisiana
  • Safeway County Mutual Insurance Company


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