Sagaing Institute of Education

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Sagaing Institute of Education
စစ်ကိုင်း ပညာရေး တက္ကသိုလ်
Type public
Location Sagaing
Sagaing Division, Myanmar
Affiliations Ministry of Education

The Sagaing Institute of Education (Burmese: စစ်ကိုင်း ပညာရေး တက္ကသိုလ် [zəɡáɪɴ pjɪ̀ɴɲàjé tɛʔkəθò]), located in Sagaing, Sagaing Division, is one of two senior universities of education in Myanmar. Primarily a teacher training college, the institute offers Bachelor of Education degree programs in education to the country's prospective primary, secondary and tertiary school teachers.

Affiliated universities and colleges[edit]

Along with the Yangon Institute of Education, the Sagaing Institute of Education is affiliated with 19 educational colleges located throughout the country.[1]


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