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Sagallo is located in Djibouti
Location in Djibouti
Coordinates: 11°40′N 42°44′E / 11.667°N 42.733°E / 11.667; 42.733
Country Flag of Djibouti.svg Djibouti
Region Tadjoura Region
Elevation 21 m (69 ft)

Sagallo or Sagallou (Russian: Сагалло) was a short-lived Russian colony on the Gulf of Tadjoura in present-day Djibouti. In 1889, a Russian by the name of Nikolay Ivanovitch Achinov[1][2] (b. 1856[3]), arrived with settlers and an Orthodox priest. The French considered the presence of the Russians as a violation of their territorial rights and dispatched two gunboats. The Russians were bombarded and after some loss of life, surrendered. The colonists were deported to Odessa and the dream of Russian expansion in Africa came to an end in less than one year.

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Coordinates: 11°40′13″N 42°44′00″E / 11.67028°N 42.73333°E / 11.67028; 42.73333