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Sagana Lodge was a royal residence in Kiganjo, in the foothills of Mount Kenya, Kenya. It was a leased wedding present in 1947 to the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh (later HRH The Duke of Edinburgh & Queen Elizabeth II respectively) from the colony whilst they were in Kenya. It was built 1949–1950. In 1952 Queen Elizabeth II was staying at the Treetops Hotel in Kenya when she ascended the throne. At Sagana Lodge[1] she was told of her father King George VI's death and of her own succession to the throne—a unique circumstance for any such event. She was the first British monarch since the accession of William IV in 1830 to be outside the United Kingdom at the moment of succession, and also the first in modern times not to know the exact time of her accession (because her father had died in his sleep at an unknown time).

The lease was given back to Kenya in 1963.

There were two bedrooms, a sitting room, and a dining room. A children's wing of sitting room and three bedrooms was added later.