Saginaw Heritage High School

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Heritage High School
3465 N. Center Road Saginaw Charter Township, MI
United States
Coordinates 43°27′22″N 84°00′57″W / 43.4561°N 84.0159°W / 43.4561; -84.0159
Type Public
School district Saginaw Township Community Schools
Principal Michael Newman
Staff approx. 110
Faculty 73
Grades 9-12
Enrollment approx. 1680
Number of students approx. 1680
Color(s) Blue, Green
Mascot Hawk

Heritage High School serves as Saginaw Township Community Schools' largest High School. Heritage is an International Baccalaureate World School located on North Center Road in Saginaw Charter Township, MI. Michael Newman is the Principal; Greg Hayes and Pete Ryan are the Assistant Principals.


Heritage was the product of a merger between Douglas MacArthur High School (which now houses White Pine Middle School) and Dwight D. Eisenhower High School (which now houses Heritage) in 1988, after Eisenhower High School was severely damaged in a 1987 arson. Selecting one color from each of its parent schools, Heritage's official colors are Navy Blue and Kelly Green. Its nickname is "Hawks."


Heritage offers numerous Advanced Placement courses, and beginning with the 2006-2007 school year the school has participated in the International Baccalaureate program.

Heritage also has an Academic Quiz Bowl team where students compete in local tournaments and then advance onto state tournaments. The Quiz bowl team of 2006-2007 was undefeated in the local Kiwanis tournament and also advanced to the Michigan State Quiz Bowl tournament.

Besides the Quiz Bowl team, Heritage also participates in the local Science Olympiad.


Heritage's football team competes in the Saginaw Valley League, going 9-0 in regular season play in 2006-2007. Heritage plays its home games at Larsen Field named in honor of former principal Allan Larsen.

HHS athletic teams include football, Marching band/winterguard and percussion, cross-country, soccer, golf, basketball, pompon, swimming, tennis, cheerleading, hockey, skiing, wrestling, bowling, volleyball, baseball, softball, tennis, and track. Furthermore, a lacrosse club was instituted in the spring of 2008.

The varsity wrestling team "three-peated" for District champions in the 2008,2009,and 2010 seasons. They also went undefeated in the SVL league in the 2010-2011 season.

The men's varsity cross country team "Five-peated" as SVL and Saginaw County Champions. They were Regional champions through the 2007-2009 seasons, losing to grand Blanc in 2010 and taking back the title in 2011. The team placed 7th at the state meet in Division 1 competition in 2007, was the state runner up in 2008, placed 6th in 2009, placed 8th in 2010, and placed 8th in 2011.

The Hawks have won state championships in men's track, women's soccer, women's basketball, and pom pon. In 2002-03, Heritage was honored as an "Exemplary Athletic Program" by the Michigan Interscholastic Athletic Administrators' Association.

The boys ice hockey team has reached the state semi finals in 2004 and 2009

The boys soccer team reached the State Class A Finals in 1991, playing to a 2 - 1 overtime loss to Class A Livonia Stevenson.

The men's swim team of 1988-1989 was the first team to have a perfect season. The "Aqua-Hawks" won their first, and only, Saginaw Valley League Championship in 2002.



Heritage homecoming is a huge event for Saginaw Township. It begins at school with a spirit week to get every one excited for the Homecoming Football game. Then there is a parade down Shattuck Road.

Class Competition[edit]

Class competition is probably the most important tradition to Heritage students. Each year, the Senior Class Council selects a mascot (typically a character from a cartoon or children's literature) for the incoming freshman class. Class mascots include:

  • Class of 1988 - Gumby's Group
  • Class of 1989 - Pee Wee's Pals
  • Class of 1990 - Popeye's People
  • Class of 1991 - Fred Flintstone's Friends
  • Class of 1992 - ALF's Aliens The first class to win the class trip as Juniors and Seniors.
  • Class of 1993 - Batman's Buddies
  • Class Of 1994 - Bart's Brats
  • Class of 1995 - Cookie Monster's Clan. The second 2 year winner of the class trip awarded to the class competition winner.
  • Class of 1996 - Gonzo's Gang, with teal as the class color.
  • Class of 1997 - Barney's Bunch (Originally the class mascot was intended to be Barney from Barney & Friends but due to the non-specific nature of the mascot being assigned as "Barney" (as defined by the Senior class of '94) the class of '97 'modified' their Barney mascot to Mr. Rubble from The Flintstones. The change was a topic of heated debate between the classes at the time).
  • Class of 1998 - Waldo's Wonders. Class color was gray.
  • Class of 1999 - Power Rangers (Specific 'Ranger' used varied, though usually it was either the original pink pterodactyl ranger, Red Tyrannosaurus ranger or some non-canonical zeo-like version (as seen printed on the HHS 10-year anniversary shirt) usually modified to be purple matching the class's designated class color).
  • Class of 2000 - Big Bird's Babies
  • Class of 2001 - Kermit's Kids
  • Class of 2002 - Rainbow Brite's Brigade
  • Class of 2003 - Sebastian's Shrimps (The 3rd class to win back to back class competitions)
  • Class of 2004 - Tigger's Tikes
  • Class of 2005 - Hulk's Heroes
  • Class of 2006 - Skeeter's Squeakers
  • Class of 2007 - Clifford's Club - The fourth class to win 2 class competitions, Class Color: Red
  • Class of 2008 - Sylvester's SuperSquad, Class Color: Black
  • Class of 2009 - Oompa-Loompa Troop, Class Color: Orange
  • Class of 2010 - Franklin's Fanatics, Class Color: Green
  • Class of 2011 - Beaker's Brainy Bunch, Class Color: Pink
  • Class of 2012 - Thomas' Terrific Team, Class color: Sky Blue
  • Class of 2013 - Dino's Dawgs, Class color: Purple
  • Class of 2014 - Mr Potato Heads' Tater Tot Troop, Class color: Brown
  • Class of 2015 - Pumbaa's Prancing Pals, Class color: Maroon
  • Class of 2016 - Marlin's Mob, Class color: Orange
  • Class of 2017 - Mike's Mighty Munchkins, Class color: Lime Green

Under the banner of their class mascot, the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors engage in a year-long competition for points. Points can be won through participation in special school-spirit days, winning the monthly bulletin-board contest, and competing head-to-head during events such as the annual Spring Fever day.

The class which has accrued the most points at the end of the year is rewarded with a day-long trip to a class picnic.


Each year, the Heritage Players put on a "straight show" in the autumn and a musical in the spring. Examples include:

Other Entertainment[edit]

Heritage students also produce four other annual shows: Mock Rock, the Culture Show, Mr Heritage, and the talent show. There is also Spring Fever day in the spring.

Mock Rock usually consists of about half a dozen acts, each of which parodies songs, television shows, or other aspects of popular culture. At the end of the event, the audience votes for the winning act by acclamation.

Mock Rock Winners:

2011 Glee parody group, Glum. People's choice and third place winners were Boys Against the World.

2012 Bruno Mars Medley titled "Bruno Scars".

The Culture Show comprises mostly musical acts selected and produced by the Heritage Multicultural Club. After the acts have concluded, the audience is invited to the Student Center to engage in a buffet of exotic foods.The first annual culture show took place in 1999.

Mr Heritage is HHS's male beauty pageant. Participants engage in a wide variety of activities, including a talent portion, dancing, and an interview. They are systematically eliminated by a group of staff judges until a winner is crowned "Mr Heritage" for that year.

The talent show is generally a more serious event than the other annual shows, offering an opportunity for Heritage's student body to showcase its abilities to the community.

Spring Fever is essentially a field day where the classes compete in activities and challenges against the other classes.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Andrew Crechiolo, American Olympic Decathlete (2000 Sydney)
  • Christin Trogan, Film and Television Producer. Notable: (Funny or Die), (NFL Broadcasting)


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