Sahara India Pariwar investor fraud case

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On 26 February 2014, the Supreme Court of India ordered the arrest of Subrata Roy, Chairman & Founder of Sahara India Pariwar, for failing to appear in connection with the Rs.24,000-crore deposits his company has not refunded to its investors. He was eventually arrested on 28 February 2014 by Uttar Pradesh police on a Supreme Court's warrant, in a dispute with Market Regulator - SEBI.[1] In a statement after the arrest, his lawyer said Mr. Roy's 92-year-old mother was in poor health and needed "her eldest son" by her side, and hence he failed to appear at the court.[2] He was granted interim bail by Supreme Court of India for the same on 26 March 2014 on condition of depositing Rs 10,000 crore with the market regulator Sebi.[3] As of August 2014, Roy is still in jail and is trying to sale some of his hotel properties to enough money.[4]

Roy has received support from some in the public as well as celebrities.[5][6]

Timeline of events

Events of this fraud case started in 2010 and its still in proceeding in Supreme court of India as on March 2014.[7][8][9]

  • December 2010 - Sahara made appeal in the Allahabad High court which ordered SEBI not to take any action until an court order is passed.[11]
  • January 2011 - Delhi High court issued a warrant against Sahara India Pariwar chairman Subrata Roy and four other officials of the group on a complaint that it deceived investors in a proposed housing project of Rs.25,000 crore.[12]
  • February 2011 - Delhi High court stays proceedings against Sahara India Pariwar chairman Subrata Roy and four other officials of the group on a complaint that it deceived investors in a proposed housing project.[13]
  • May 2011 - Supreme court of India asked Sahara India Real Estate (SIREC) to furnish the format of the application for an optionally fully convertible debentures (OFCD) scheme and a list of accredited agents which raised money on company's behalf.[14]
  • June 2011 - SEBI ordered Sahara firms to immediately refund the money collected through sales of OFCDs.
  • October 2011 - Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) ordered two unlisted Sahara Group companies to refund within six weeks about 17,656.53 crore with 15% interest which it had raised through a flotation of OFCDs.[15]
  • November 2011 - Sahara India Pariwar moved to Supreme Court against SAT's order and in favour of Sahara Group it stayed the SAT order, and asked the two companies to refund 17,400 crores to their investors and asked the details & liabilities of the companies.[16][17]
  • January 2012 - Supreme Court gives three weeks time to Sahara India Pariwar to choose between options to secure investments made by public in OFCD scheme. Either to give sufficient bank guarantee or attach properties worth the amount raised through OFCD's.[18]
  • May 2012 - Supreme court is informed by Senior counsel Fali Nariman (appearing for Sahara India Real Estate Corp) that SEBI could not have taken up this issue of Sahara Group of companies raising funds through OFCD since there was no complaint from any investor.[19]
  • June 2012 - SEBI informed Supreme Court that real estate division of Sahara India Pariwar had no right to mobilise Rs.27,000 crore from investors through optionally fully convertible debentures (OFCD) without complying norms of Market regulator - SEBI.[20]
  • August 2012 - Supreme court directs Sahara India Real Estate Corporation Ltd. (SIRECL) and the Sahara Housing Investment Corporation Ltd. (SHICL) to refund over Rs. 24,400 crore.[21]


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