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Sahba Motallebi (Persian صهبا مطلبی)is an Iranian, musician, songwriter and a tar player and also the author of two books on Persian classical music, namely "Tolou" and "Nyaiesh".


Motallebi was born in 1978 in Tehran, Iran, and started playing traditional Persian music very early on. she is a graduate of Tehran Conservatory where she mastered playing Tar and Setar (traditional Persian instruments) under the instructions of master Fariborz Azizi.[1]

She studied under the master of traditional Persian music, Hossein Alizadeh, and the respected music theoretician, Dr Mehran Rouhani. she also attended the R.G.S University, Turkey, for a comparative study of Persian and Turkish music.

Experience and achievements[edit]

Sahba was awarded and recognized as the best tar player by the Iranian Music Festival for four years in a row, from 1995 to 1998.[2]

In 2000 she joined the Iranian National Orchestra and since then she has been traveling around the world to present Persian music. Sahba has recorded several CDs and composed numerous theatrical pieces.

Currently she is a resident of Southern California where she spends most of her time teaching Tar and Setar to her students.

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